Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"My Yeg Hurts"

This is what Eli says to describe his most recent injury. :) He was with Heather on Tuesday at an indoor playground. He jumped from a tall play structure to the ground, and he hurt his foot when he landed.

He wouldn't walk on it and was really in pain, so I left work early and took him to our family doctor for an x-ray. Fortunately, nothing is broken, but he does have some soft tissue/cartilage injury. His foot is pretty swollen, and he won't bear weight on it at all. And every so often he'll just burst into tears and say, "My yeg hurts!" It breaks my heart!

I'm so thankful that he's not seriously injured, and it was nice to just sit on the floor and play games with him today, honestly! I'm surprised we've made it this long without a serious injury, with the kind of climbing and jumping that Eli does!

I'm hoping that tomorrow he'll be able to walk on it a little more, at least. He told me today while gazing forlornly at his basketball hoop, "When my foot feels all better, I'll run fast and play." :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sleepovers and Other Random Photos

We'll start with the randoms...

First: This is Eli's self-chosen attire for trips to the pool. My favorite part is the boots.

Second: On a previous post I mentioned Eli helping Eric with some new shelves/cabinets. Here are a couple more work-in-progress shots that I think are cute...

Third: The finished product! I love them. Sorry for the terrible flash photography. They're a kind of grayish-purpleish color, not that you can tell from this picture! :) I love them!

Fourth: We made our first attempt at a sleepover with Timothy last week. They did pretty good, although Tim didn't ever fall asleep. :) Fortunately, his parents don't live too far away! :) We look forward to trying again soon!

Fifth: Eric got his first watermelon this week from his garden! We've had peppers, tomatoes, and herbs abundant, but this is the first melon. He was proud! :)

And now for the sleepover portion of this lengthy post...

We had Cooper over to spend the night for the first time this week. Jacey was in Maine this week with my parents, and I really wanted to do something special for Cooper. Plus, both boys have been asking about this for a while now- they're at that age, and I think it's adorable!

They played for such a long time together. I love listening to what they come up with. The theme of this night was that a lion was coming to get them. They played this game forever, stopping only to eat pizza and brownies for dinner. :)

It was super cute to tuck them into their matching sleeping bags for the night. Although Cooper ended up in Eli's sleeping bag and Eli ended up in his bed by morning. :)

We ate pancakes for breakfast (after they woke up an hour earlier than usual with boundless energy!)...

And then I took them to see the Winne the Pooh movie, which was adorable. Kelly and the boys came, too.

And we topped it all off with chicken nuggets and naps. :)

A good time was had by all!