Friday, August 20, 2010


We spent the last week in Maine with my grandparents, who live there. It was PERFECT! I could write many very lengthy paragraphs about it, but I'll try to keep this short and sweet. :)

We started off early on Wednesday morning with a 5:30am flight, and we got to Maine in the early afternoon. We spent the afternoon on my grandparents' boat, and it was so much fun! Eli has never been on a "speed boat" before, and he LOVED it!

On Thursday we went to a place called White Lake State Park. It was one of the prettiest places I've ever seen! Mountains, perfectly clear water, sand, 75 degrees- PERFECT! Eli loved playing all day there, and so did we!

On Friday we drove to Boothbay Harbor, where, after walking around the gorgeous little seaside town for a while, we rode a boat to Cabbage Island for a traditional Maine clam bake. We ate lobsters, clams, and all the stuff that goes with them- it was a messy, delicious meal! Eli even ate clams and lobster!

On Saturday we headed to the beach. It was another gorgeous day, and we loved spending all day in the sun and water, building castles on the beach and body surfing in the waves.

On Sunday after church we spent the afternoon on the boat, which, again, was just perfect!

On Monday Eric and I took a long (and very steep!) hike while Eli hung out with my grandparents, whom he loves!, and then we all went to Diana's Bath, a natural rock/waterfall playground with freezing cold mountain spring water. It is a beautiful place, but I was a nervous wreck watching Eli scramble around on those slippery rocks! Fortunately he escaped with just skinned knees. :)

And after a relaxing morning at home on Tuesday, we headed back to Texas, leaving the gorgeous 75-degree Maine weather and trading it for 110-degree Texas heat. We were pretty sad to leave, but we are already planning our trip for next summer!

We are so, so thankful for this perfect week with our little family and with my wonderful grandparents, who made the trip so perfect.