Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It's been way to long since I've posted!  And so I present way too many photographs of our October....  It was full, and it was fun!

Apple pie making...  The only way to make a proper crumble topping is with your hands!

The big news of October is that we got a puppy!  Eric and Eli drove up to Oklahoma early in the month to pick up our new puppy, Hank.  He's a Hungarian Vizsla, and we love him!  

This is on their drive home...  :)

First day at home with Hank:

Cute, eh?

Eric took him to work with him, which didn't turn out so well.  :)

Enough puppy pictures!  On the the fair...  We went to the State Fair this year with our dear friends the Ninos.  Here are Ethan and Eli, ready to ride rides!

Plenty of rides to be ridden...

And food to be eaten...

And obligatory ferris wheel photos to be taken...

And hanging out to be done...

And parades to be watched...

And cars to be sat in...

And fireworks to be seen...

And shows to be taken in...

And more rides to be ridden!

I love this one.  He's looking out the sky cab at the ferris wheel at night.

Our town always puts on a little fall fest close to our house.  They had tons of games, food, etc. for the kids.  Eli loved it!

More games...

Eli and Timothy bouncing in the bounce house...

The Awana program at our church has a little fall fest, too, with more games.  

And Eli's school had Rodeo Day, which was adorable.

I love his tongue out.  :)

Waiting to ride the horses.

Eli on "Lady Gaga," which the kids thought was a hilarious name.  :)

His whole class.  We love his little schooL!

Eric and Eli and the rest of the boys of the family went camping this month, and this is the only picture that came back from the trip.  :)  They had a great time, though!!

Last week Eli's class took a field trip to Yesterland Farms, which was a blast, too.

Tractor ride!

He thinks "selfies" are hilarious.  :)

His sweet little class.

And finally, Halloween!  Pumpkin carving...

And our little cowboy:

The gang of three.  :)

And this is what happens every single time I attempt to take a picture of Eli and Hank.  :)

And with that, bring on November!!