Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last week we got to spend a few days in Destin with Uncle Albert and Aunt Kathy, and it was perfect!  The beach in Destin is insanely pretty- clear blue,warm water, white powder sand, and blue skies for miles.  We love it, and we spent every second of our three days there right on the beach.  It's a good thing our trip was only a few days, though- our sunburned skin couldn't stand another minute, I don't think!  :)  Some pictures...

Day one on the beach.  See how pretty??  

Eric and Eli spent lots of time building sand castles of various sorts.

We walked around the Harbor Walk in the evenings.  They had a bunch of cool stuff there for kids to do, including this "pan for treasure" activity.  Eli found a bunch of arrowheads, which of course made his day!

He also did this bungee/trampoline thing a couple times.  It scared Eric and me way way more than it did him, I think.  :)

After sunset you can take a flashlight out to the water's edge and find hundreds of tiny white crabs called "ghost crabs."  It's such a fun activity to catch (and release!) a whole bucket of them- we all love it.  

He spent hours and hours and hours jumping waves.  I love how safe this beach is for kids, and I love watching Eli enjoy himself so thoroughly!

Harbor Walk evening.

The Back Porch is a restaurant right on the beach, and we love it!

I took a long walk on the beach one morning at sunrise, and I took about 100 pictures because it was just so perfectly beautiful!  I'll spare you all of them, but here are a couple.  :)  

That's a crane in the water- I love that it looks like he's admiring the view too.  :)

Creation sings God's praises!

My boys.

Looking out the window toward the beach at the Back Porch Restaurant.

On the last night we were there, a big storm rolled in over the water.  It was SO pretty to watch it from the balcony of the condo, and I loved walking from the restaurant to the condo as the storm moved in.  

Destin in a nutshell!  :)  We loved our time there, our time with Albert and Kathy, being together, being in God's beautiful creation, and Albert and Kathy's hospitality and generosity in sharing their vacation with us.  We can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School


I'm a week late in posting this, but here it is.  

Eli went back to school last week- first grade!  He had a great week.  The first thing he said when he hopped in the car on the first day of school was, "I made a new friend, and I can't wait to go back!"  

We can't ask for more than that!