Monday, September 3, 2018

August 2018

Well, August is in the books!  As sad as we were to see the summer go, we're ready for the fall, too.  Here are a few pictures from last month, out of order as usual...

Eli finished up Dallas Mavs basketball camp.  We were so impressed with this camp and the coaches.  Eli learned a lot and had a blast, and we'll definitely be back next year.

We took the cousins (minus Jacey) for one last day at the wave pool.  

The night before, we had them over for a sleepover in a tent in our playroom.  :)

First day of FIFTH GRADE!  We are so proud of our 5th grader and excited for all that is in store for him this year at PCCS.

The night before school started we had a super surprising downpour of rain for a little bit- Eli took full advantage of the opportunity to play in the rain!  :)

(Out of order alert)  Eli in his Dallas Mavs jersey before camp one morning...

All the cousins!

Eli and one of his best school buddies, Kellan.

We went to Splash Kingdom with Victoria and her mom, as has become our tradition at the end of each summer.  These two have been friends since primer and always seem to just pick back up where they left off.  

Hank turned 4 and got a giant bone as a present.  :)

A boy and his dog. :)

Another back to school shot, backpack ready to go!

Eli started taking piano lessons this semester, and we hope that he loves it and sticks with it.  Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop are graciously letting him practice at their house.  :)

And that winds up August!  We have a fun long-weekend trip to Destin planned this month, and then after that we'll officially settle into fall.  :)  Love to you!!!