Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 2014

The final post of 2014!  Crazy!  Heavy on the photos, per usual.  Sorry.  :)

We spent a fun day doing Christmas-y things with two of Eli's favorite friends from school, Victoria and Elise.

We went to "Christmas in the Park" at Westlake Park with our friends the Ninos.  

This is, of course, a horrible picture, but they had a bunch of bounce-house-type slides and obstacle course things, which the boys loved.  

They also had a "Grease the Grinch" game where the kids got to shoot this guy dressed up as the Grinch with paint balls while he ran around and hid behind things in the field.  That sounds ridiculous all typed out, but Eli loved it.  :)

He rode the mechanical bull a few times, too.

And we finished the night off with pony rides.

Look how big our little puppy is!!!

The leaves are finally falling in Texas, and I think the whole neighborhood's worth has blown into our yard!

Eli and Timothy decorated their "treehouse" for Christmas.  :)

And we decorated a bunch of cookies!

And delivered the cookies to Greenway, where our sweet friend Ms. Vergie lives.

My little shepherd, prior to the church Christmas musical.

In action, and looking confused!

Post-performance with Timothy, looking a little worse for the wear.  :)

Eli's first grade class on the last day of school before break.

Eli had the flu right before Christmas, so we had a few slower mornings at home.  

The boys wanted their faces painted like "dragon-trappers."  (They are SUPER into "How to Train Your Dragon" right now.)

Early Christmas morning...

My favorite part- stockings!

I loooooove the expression on his face when he first walks out to see the presents.

He got roller blades, which have gotten MUCH use already!

He also got a toolbox with a bunch of "real" tools from Eric, also a hit.

Opening stocking gifts...


The Mannings have been here for Christmas, which has been so fun for all of us.  Here are Eli and Jacey on Christmas morning:


Hank likes his Christmas present.

The kids have spent so much time together this past week!

They all had a sleepover at my parents' house last night, too.

And that's it for 2014!  Happy, happy new year, with love!

Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014

These are turning into monthly blogs- sorry for the infrequency!  Nevertheless, here is November in pictures!

We started the month off with a trip to Daingerfield with the family.

This was Hank's preferred seat in the car (all while Eli slept!):

The trees were turning the weekend that we were there, and it was gorgeous!

The boys did plenty of fishing...

There was lots of soccer and football playing...

This was my view, cuddled up on a blanket with my mom and my puppy, watching a gorgeous sunset while my family played football in the distance.  PERFECT!!!

My sweet Eli.

Campfires at night are some of my favorite camping memories.

Eli and Hank and I got to see a really pretty sunrise together one morning.


I LOVE these three boys!  And they LOVE each other.

Of course, the boys boated.

And played more soccer...

And I got to hike around the lake lots of times, which is one of my favorite activities in the world.

More pretty scenery...

A rare picture of the two of us!

And a family picture, complete with our newest canine member.  :)

Eli's class put on a Thanksgiving program, which was adorable.

 My little Indian.

And Thanksgiving Day...

Our Thankfulness tree!

Last weekend we took our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.

I love my family.

The end!  :)  Now on to December!!