Thursday, April 10, 2014

Family Camping Trip, April 2014

Last weekend our whole family went on our biannual camping trip.  As always, we had a blast being together and being outside in our favorite spot in Texas.

A few pictures from the trip...

The dogwoods were in full bloom while we were there!

A hike in the woods, with frisbees of course.

All the boys, three out of four looking my direction.

Playing on the paddle boats, a favorite past-time (for some reason) of our kids.

Look!  A rare picture with me in it!

I loooove this picture.  Total relaxation and happiness.

Our fam.  Eli's new "critters" book has a starring role in many of these photos.  :)

All the kids.

This is Eli summed up in a picture- this is just so him.  I couldn't love this boy any more if I tried.

A good dad lets his son and father-in-law bury him in playground rocks.

We are so thankful for our family and for our long weekend away together.