Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A few from September

Despite feeling like a busy month, I have shockingly few pictures to show for September!  :)  But in the spirit of staying caught up, here are a few...

Eli (and Timothy and Charlie) have been spending lots of time fishing in the creek behind our house with homemade fishing nets.  It's super cute, even though they have stolen all my tupperware for fish storage.  :)

We all went to a Rough Riders game together on Labor Day weekend.  You can see Eric and Eli below if you look super closely.  :)

The game ended with fireworks, which felt like an appropriate "official end" to the summer.

We've been keeping busy with school, karate, Awana, and plenty of other odds and ends thrown in.  We have a few camping trips coming up next month...  fall is such a fun season!

Much love!!