Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Things

Just a few things I don't want to forget, because they make me smile:

1. Surprising: We actually had SNOW here last week! The weathermen didn't forcast a thing, but we woke up to the sound of sleet, which quickly turned to snow! I made Eli stand outside as soon as he woke up so I could take a picture of him- he was embarrassed that he was in his pjs. :) It melted quickly, but it was still really pretty to see.

2. Sweet: We had a fairly rough day on Sunday, and as I was kissing Eli goodnight I told him that we were just going to take it easy and rest the next morning. So on Monday morning he woke me up fully dressed, which is definitely odd. I asked him why he was dressed already and he said, "I got dressed by myself and threw my jammies in the laundry and made my bed all by myself so that you could rest and sleep." Sweet, eh? :)

3. Funny/gross: I asked Eli on Friday if he wanted to help me make cookies. He dragged a chair over to the counter and sat there waiting on me while Eric and I talked for a minute after he got home from work. Eli was filthy from playing outside, and he sat there with his hands down his pants (why do little boys do this???). I told him he needed to go wash his hands. He took a backyard dirt-covered hand out of his pants, stuck his finger up his nose, and said, completely innocently, "Why?" Eric and I laughed for a long time after that. :)

Have a great day!