Friday, December 6, 2019

November 2019

As a testament to the busyness of this season, I forgot to post pictures of November!  :)  Here are a few, a little late...

We went to a Mesquite High School football game one Friday night.

The boys went on a camping trip all together and had a blast!


The kids put together the "5 Cousin Concert" for us one Saturday night.  It was really cute and entertaining!  It's fun to see them each learn and grow and develop their talents.

Eli's class dressed up as Expo markers for the "battle of the classes" one week at school.  God bless the room mom who made all these costumes!  :)

Eric's boss gave us tickets to see the Warriors play the Dallas Mavericks.  We took Cooper with us and had a blast!  Eli was a little bummed that his team (the Warriors) got beaten so badly, though.  :)

Thanksgiving 2019!  We went to Eric's aunt and uncle's house for lunch, and then back to my parents' house for dinner.  It was great to see so many family members that we don't get to see that often, and the food was fantastic, as always!

We usually go to the Christmas tree farm with the Heinzes the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but the forecast was terrible this year, so we headed to breakfast and then to Lowe's instead.  :)  We  had a great time, though the photos are not nearly as picturesque.  :)

Eli even got to sit in Santa's lap.  :)

While I worked on decorating our tree inside, the boys got to work on decorating their tree outside, as they do every year.  It's the centerpiece of the neighborhood!  :)


And finished! 

We went to see Mesquite's new indoor pro soccer team play at the Mesquite Arena, just a mile from our house,and we had a great time.

And that was November!  We have a busy December underway, but we're trying to savor every moment of it and focus our hearts on the Advent of Christ.  Much love and Christmas joy to you all!!