Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016

I LOVE summer!  We had so much fun in July- I am feeling sad that the summer is coming to an end.  Here are some pictures from July...

We had a family 4th of July celebration, which was fantastic.  This is pre- water balloon fight.

This was the first of the at-home fireworks.  :)

Ice cream cones after dinner.

Sparklers after dark.

I take this same picture ever year- to me it just screams "childhood." 

The three of us went down to the Austin/San Antonio area for a little vacation.  You can't go to San Antonio without seeing the ALAMO!  

Brunch on the Riverwalk.

We stayed at the JW Marriott in San Antonio and had a blast.  Eli was too short to ride these two slides, and I'm way too chicken, but we enjoyed watching Eric go down them!  :)

That's Eric! 

The resort had all these separate little pool/river areas with cabanas, poolside drinks/food, etc.- it was pretty great!  We liked this little sand beach pool the best.

We spent an afternoon at Canyon Lake- it was beautiful!

Canyon Lake.

We stopped by Aquarina Springs in San Marcos to ride the glass-bottom boat, which was really cool! 

Barton Springs in Austin- super fun and super COLD!

I love his hair and goggles and just the happiness of being a kid at a pool in the summer.

In downtown Austin one evening...

We watched the sun set on the bridge while we were waiting for the BATS!

Under the Congress Bridge in Austin lives the "world's largest urban colony of bats."  Tons of people gather there every night at sunset to watch them fly out all together- it's quite the site!  Eli had never seen it before, so we made sure to take him there to watch.

At the Oasis Restaurant overlooking Lake Travis.

Inside Inner Space Cavern- also super cool.  Eric and I hadn't been since we were kids- it was fun to take Eli.  His face in this picture cracks me up.  Hard to take a picture underground with horrible lighting.  :)

Eli and I (and CJ came with us too) met my college roommate Jenn and her kiddos at the Children's Museum in Waco for a day the couple weeks ago.  It was so fun to watch the kids play together and get to catch up with Jenn. 

All the kids.

Couldn't pass up this photo wall.  :)

I love this picture.  The whole museum was great- the kids didn't want to leave!

Eli went to the Dallas Sidekicks (indoor) soccer camp last week and loved it!

Eli and CJ after camp.

We went straight from the last day of camp to the wave pool and had a great time.

And that rounds out July!  We have three more weeks before it's back to school.  While I love the fall and getting back into the "routine," I don't want to let go of summer!