Monday, August 24, 2015

End of July and August

And here we are at the tail end of August, amazingly!  Following are a few pictures to wrap up our summer, which was a really good one!

Last day of Sidekicks soccer camp, which he looooooooved:

Heather and the kids came for a visit at the end of July.  It was great to spend lots of time all together!  As always, it's hard to say goodbye.

Plenty of time spent right here:

This picture makes me laugh because it makes Eli look even tinier than he is (he's standing in a hole).

We ended July with a trip to Splash Kingdom with Elizabeth and CJ.  Eli shocked me with his bravery, riding even the tallest, scariest slides!

These two are great friends.

 We took Eli to his first Rodeo.  He loved it!

Eli came with me to work one day a week this summer.  He came up with interesting ways to amuse himself, including making superhero capes for his animals.  :)

We ended the summer on a really great note.  We spent the weekend in Wimberly, Texas (south of Austin) with the Heinzes and my parents.  We ate at the Salt Lick- best BBQ in Texas!

A horrible picture of the three kiddos by the fire pit, with the meat master himself.

They're all three looking in different directions.  :)

I looooooove this sweet kid!

We spent all day Saturday at the Blue Hole, a really neat swimming place on the river in Wimberly.  

Today was the first day of school!  Here's our 2nd grader!  

He's holding up two fingers for 2nd grade.  He was SUPER excited about going back to school.  When I woke him up this morning he said, "My heart is beating so fast!"  He found his friends right away, and we all walked into the first day assembly together.  I gave him a hug goodbye and left him sitting there with his class, looking so big and so small at the same time.  I'm sure all moms can relate to that feeling of simultaneous joy and ache that comes with seeing your child do something independently and bravely...  I'm so thankful to get to be his mom!

We had a fantastic summer, and we're looking forward to what the fall has in store for us.