Thursday, August 2, 2018

July 2018

So apparently my new normal is out-of-order pictures.  Sorry!  :)  Here is a smattering of photos from our July, all out of order, but all indicative of the fun, relaxing, and quintessentially "summer" month we've had.  We're sad to see July go!

We went to Surf-n-Swim (wave pool) with Elizabeth and CJ one day at the beginning of the month.  I love that place so much because we used to go there as kids, and it's hardly changed a bit.

On the 4th of July we celebrated with family and some church friends, and we ended the night with sparklers in our back yard.

For the 4th, Eli and Timothy built their own game of corn hole- pretty impressive!

Lots of swimming and cannonballing has gone on this month!


Eric and Eli went fishing on the morning of the 4th.


We went back to Surf-N-Swim later in the month, but sadly the wave machine was broken that day, so it was essentially just a giant, warm swimming pool.  :)  The kids still had fun, though.

Snow-cones make even broken wave machines better.  :) 

Our sweet friend Holly Baker hosted a little group of us for a morning of swimming at her pool.

 Back to the sparklers...


Last weekend Kelly and I took the boys to Burger's Lake in Ft. Worth.  It's a big spring-fed pool that hasn't changed much since the 1970s.  :)  They have SUPER high diving boards (see Eli way up there??), slides, a trapeze...  it's just a really fun old-time-y "swimming hole," and the kids had a BLAST.

My dad's parents came to visit from Pennsylvania last week!  We so enjoyed our time with them and absolutely treasure the relationships we share.  We are looking forward to a visit from my mom's parents next month as well!

Back to the sparklers...

Burger's Lake...

 The boys picked a bunch of flowers in the park for their Great-Grandmom.  :)

And more sparklers...  (Are you tired of these yet?)  :)

The whole family, sadly minus Jonathan (who was at work):

The group of kids at Holly's (Eli, Kelly's boys, and the Howards):

Hank's special summer treat. :)

 Burger's Lake:

 The trapeze at Burger's Lake (See Eli out there?):

 More Burger's Lake (premium snack bar foods):  :)

Sprinklers with the cousins...

 Eli is in Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp this week, and he's having a BLAST.  This is a terrible picture, but here it is anyway.  :)  There are maybe 75ish kids in the camp, and it's been a great experience for Eli.  He goes every day all day and comes home exhausted but happy!  :)

 And I think that about does it for July!  We are enjoying these last days of summer before school starts and are sad to see summer end.  It's been a good one!  Love to you all!