Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

February was a pretty low-key month!  I like the winter months for the slower pace.  We had a camping trip planned at the end of the month during Eli's winter break, but we had SO MUCH RAIN in Texas that week that we had to cancel.  :(  We made the most of the week, though, and enjoyed indoor activities instead.  :)

Our cat, Curry, loves to snuggle underneath blankets.  If I ever leave a quilt laying out anywhere, I can come back a few minutes later and find her wrapped up inside.  Super cute.  :)

The firing range.  (He's shooting a BB gun- don't worry! :) )

Eric put his Japanese genes to the test and made us California rolls one night.  They were great!

We saw a movie together- the Greatest Showman.  (Eric's expression is fake.  :) )  We all LOVED the movie!

We went bowling one afternoon during yet another storm.  We had a blast!

We watched a LOT of Olympics, and a lot of Warriors basketball too.  

And that's about it!  :)  We're excited for the springtime and the fun things that we have planned.  Much love to you!!