Monday, May 8, 2017

March and April, 2017

Two months for the price of one!  :)  Spring has been busy and fun for us, and we're thankful for all the great memories we've made.  

The boys went "camping" in the back yard.  They planned and planned, got all their supplies and snacks ready, and spent the entire night outside.  They had the time of their lives- it was so cute.  

In early April, we went camping with the whole family, including the Mannings.  As always, we had such a great time together. 

April also included Easter...

The kitty that hangs around on our porch had kittens in February, and last month we brought one inside to become our newest pet!  Meet Curry, beloved by Eli and Hank alike.  :)

 And a few more camping pictures for good measure, even though they're out of order for some reason.  :)

And here we are in MAY!  Thanks for reading!  :)