Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July, so far

A few pictures from our July...  It's been a really nice month after the busy-ness of June.  We've enjoyed being home, and the more relaxed pace of summer.

Fourth of July sparklers!

And the fireworks that I was told were "legal within city limits," but then found out later were "not exactly legal, just quiet."  :)  I loooooooove this shot of the three boys watching.  This is how I always want to remember summer.

Sweet little profiles. 

My mom took the kids to the Gentle Zoo to feed the animals and play. 

Eli is spending every morning this week at soccer camp (INDOOR, thankfully!).  It's hosted by the Dallas Sidekicks, and the players are there teaching the kids the skills- it's awesome!  Eli LOVES it, and is absolutely exhausted by the time I pick him up.  :)

We have a few more fun things planned for July and August, and then it's back to school!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 2015

June!  The first part of June was pretty low-key, which was great, and then we concluded with a trip to Lake Tahoe, California for the last week, which was also great!  :)  Some pictures...

LOTS of swimming in June...

Annual trip to Hamm's Orchards for lunch and lots of peaches and blackberries:

We went to the Aquatic Center with some friends...

And now a few pictures from Lake Tahoe!

The scenery was breathtaking.  It was hard to even believe that we were looking at such beauty- crystal clear, deep blue water, mountains all around...  God's creation is so amazing.

You'll see this one on our Christmas card this year, for sure.  :)

Every day we did quite a bit of hiking, and we always ended up at a beach, too.  The water was FREEZING- like take-your-breath-away, make-your-limbs-numb freezing- but we still got in!  We couldn't resist swimming in that amazingly clear, blue water.

I love this picture!  One day, we started up here at the top, and hiked down to the beach (Emerald Bay) way down below.  The hike back up again was much harder!  :)

Pretty waterfall...

One day we drove south a few hours to see the giant Sequoias, something we have all three always wanted to see.  Words can't describe that experience- to be standing next to these amazing trees was humbling and emotional.  We hiked a 5-mile loop looking at all the trees and praising God for his stunning work.

This was at the base of the biggest tree we saw.

I love this shot, on another hike.

And another beach, also freezing cold, but equally gorgeous!

June was fantastic, and we're looking forward to a fun July as well.