Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015

And just like that, May is over!  Crazy!  Here are a few pictures from our month...

Eli turned SEVEN on May 9.  He asked to go to a hotel for his birthday, and to a baseball game.  We took him to a hotel in Rockwall, ate dinner and walked around the Harbor, and went back to the hotel to snuggle up and watch a movie together in bed.  

Birthday candle in frozen custard in bed at a hotel- doesn't get much better than that!  :)

The next morning, we were supposed to have a soccer game, but it was rained out.  It has been SO rainy here this spring that the majority of practices and games have been cancelled!  We met up with Eric's family for brunch instead.

And then later in the afternoon we had some friends over to play and have cake.  Eli wanted to "play basketball with our family and the Howards," so that's what we did!  The boys played basketball, and then we all came inside for cake.

Birthday cake with 7 candles!

I loooooooove this boy!

If I could have one snapshot to capture what this spring has been like, it's this one below.  MUDDY DOG has been the theme of our spring.  With insane storms and flooding, it is constantly wet and muddy in our yard, and there is nothing Hank likes more than running in mud.  If I never wipe a muddy paw again, I will be happy.  :)

MUDDY BOY is a close second to the muddy dog snapshot.  At least muddy boys can be told to wipe their feet before coming inside, though.  The dog isn't as obedient.  :)

A couple pictures of the grand finale to Eli's birthday- a Rough Rider game!  It was actually a pretty evening for a ball game- one of the few clear evenings we had in May.  We loved it, as always, and there was a great fireworks show afterwards, too.

Not a great picture of either one of them, but oh well.

And continuing with the theme of things getting rained out, Eli's school's big field day was rained out!  The kids were so looking forward to it as the grand finale to the year- we were disappointed for them.  They had a cute little awards ceremony in their classroom, and then the year was over!

Eli's first grade class.

Since field day was cancelled, I took him to In-N-Out Burger for lunch as a slight consolation prize.  It's his favorite restaurant.  :)

And that wraps up May!  We have some fun things planned for this summer- I'm looking forward to it!