Thursday, October 4, 2018

September 2018

The beginning of September was all about settling into a good school routine...  I think we finally "hit our stride."  :)  Then we sort of capped off summer with a trip to Destin, which was definitely the hi-light of the month!  Pictures below!

Starting with a random one...  I love this picture of Eli (and Hank) reading in bed.  

On to Destin!  We spent a few days in Destin, Florida with Uncle Albert and Aunt Kathy.  We treasure these few days and love that it has become a September tradition (4th year now!)  

I LOVE the beach in Destin- white sand, turquoise water...  plunk me down under an umbrella with a good book and I'm happy for days!  :)  We enjoyed lots of swimming, boogie boarding, snorkeling, ghost crab hunting, sand castle building, seafood eating, mini-golfing, game-playing, and even bumper-boating.  It was a perfect little vacation to end the summer.



Those three black dots in the water are Eric, Albert, and Eli snorkeling.  At this beach there were dolphins swimming and playing SUPER close to where we were.  It was so much fun to watch them!

Will you look at that water??  Unbelievable beauty.

Okay, enough of Destin.  :)  On to somewhere decidedly less beautiful...  the Texas State Fair!  :)  Eli's whole school had a mandatory field trip to the fair on opening day.  It was SO CROWDED, but we did have fun, and we capped off the day riding rides with Eli's closest friends.

And that rounds out September!  We have some fun plans for October and are excited for some COOLER temperatures hopefully heading our way!  :)  

Love to you all!