Saturday, June 6, 2020

May 2020

SUMMER!!!  May was a sweet little month- finishing up the school year, seeing the quarantine season begin to lift a bit, celebrating Eli's birthday, and heading on into our beloved summer months.  Here are a few pictures from our MAY...

Mabel the kitten was Eli's birthday gift this year.  She has been such a JOY to us!  She's cuddly and sweet, and we all love her (including Hank)!

With more free time and less places to go, the boys have continued their daily searches for animals.  These are two softshell turtle babies...

Another kitten picture... 

We celebrated Eli's 12th birthday, quarantine style.  :)  He requested homemade crab cakes for dinner, and we watched a movie together.  It was a fun night!

Oh, how we LOVE our 12 year-old boy!!  He is funny, kind, easy-going, and a lover of animals, nature, family, and the Lord.  We are so proud of who he is and so excited for what the Lord has in store for him in the future.  

Eli with his two birthday presents: Mabel and a new full-size bed.  :)

On the morning of his birthday, we picked up donuts from our favorite spot...

opened a little gift (a disc)...

and the boys headed off to a new disc golf course!

And then in the evening we celebrated Eli and Phil (who is a May 9 birthday too!) with a family dinner and presents.


Another of the boys' animal finds...  this sweet little bird, who had a hurt wing.

Gratuitous kitten picture:

Buddies.  :)

The pool is open for the summer!

Eli finished 6th grade!  He is a wonderful student, a hard worker, and such a good friend.  We are proud of his entire year, but especially the last couple of "homeschool months," which he navigated with maturity and dedication, despite the difficulties.

Here's how he feels about being done:  :)

The school did a "drive-by" awards ceremony, where we dropped off books and supplies and got to say hi to his teachers for a minute.  We LOVE Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Caldwell and are so thankful that Eli got to benefit from their teaching and their godly character this year.  They gave Eli the "shining example of character" award.  

The scariest animal find yet: a baby cottonmouth (poisonous!) snake.  YIKES!

We ended the month/started June with a little trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida with our friends Elizabeth and CJ.  We had a BLAST enjoying the gorgeous beach and time to relax and be together.  I'll save the rest of the pictures for JUNE, though.

Much love to you!!  And happy SUMMER!

Friday, May 1, 2020

March and April, 2020

March and April were certainly not what we expected!  As school, events, trips, and plans were cancelled, we "sheltered in place" at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, just like the rest of the world.  Though we certainly miss normal life and were so sad to miss out on the fun plans we had for spring, we have also enjoyed the blessings that God has given our little family during "quarantine season."  Here are a few pictures from the past couple months...

The boys built a "turtle habitat" behind the fence.  :)

We've spent a lot of time on our back porch this spring, reading, talking, playing, etc.

It is such a blessing to have a park right behind our houses, complete with a disc golf course!  The boys play every single day.

"Homeschool."  Eli has been incredibly diligent in his school work during this unprecedented season,

The tent has gotten a good workout this spring as well!  With camping trips cancelled, back yard camping is the next best thing.

Lots of walks...

Backyard camping...

Disc golf galore!

Dining al fresco...

The boys catch MANY turtles in the creek behind our house.  

We had a Seder dinner with the family before Easter.  It was really meaningful!

Eli has been doing guitar lessons via Zoom.  He mastered both "Yesterday" and "Blackbird" by the Beatles and treated us to a concert.

Elizabeth and CJ come over every week for "social distance lunch."  :)  We love that time together!

Baby turtles!

Ice cream treats...

More turtles...

We still did our normal Easter traditions.  Egg dyeing...

And an Easter egg hunt...

And Easter morning pictures, in t-shirts this year instead of church clothes.  :)

We had a huge storm on Easter evening and enjoyed sitting outside to watch it.

Lots of movie nights!  :)  

Online guitar lessons...

More camping in the back yard...

Cooper and Eli made this "bed" in Eli's closet and slept in there one night.  :)

Hank LOVES the fact that we are home so much more than we used to be!  :)

Three years ago Eli got a tiny box turtle named Eliot for Christmas.  He escaped from his pen and has not been seen since...  until last week when Eli and Timothy found him in the woods behind our house!  :)  They thoroughly enjoyed taking care of him for a few days, until he escaped again. :)  He was born to be FREE!  :)

As an early birthday present, Eli got a KITTEN!  This is Mabel...

She's super sweet, and we've fallen in love with her!  Eli is taking great care of her, as he does all his many animals.

At our homeschool we allow pets.  :)

And that wraps up these crazy past couple months!  We send our love!!