Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day-to-Day, April 18

Not so many pictures this time.  :)  Here's what this last week has looked like!

He's eating a donut during soccer halftime.  

And eating a snack after practice.  Soccer is so rough!

This boy loves animals, which absolutely includes bugs.  I love this about him.

It was yellow day at preschool, so I snapped a quick picture because they looked so cute in their matching shirts.  The great thing about this picture is not the matching shirts, though- it's Timothy's bizarre expression!  It makes me laugh out loud.

Bluebonnet season!  Eli, after learning that bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas, asked, "Do the other states have other colors of bonnets?"  :)

He has a renewed love of bike-riding and is constantly asking if we can sit outside to watch him ride in the street. 

Today they had cap and gown pictures at preschool, so they had to dress up.  Eli was NOT enthused to be wearing a button-down shirt and tie.  But he sure does look cute!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day-to-Day, April 11

Be prepared to scroll for a while- there are quite a few photos here!  Sorry! 

Phone pics from the past several weeks...

Dyeing Easter eggs:

We always make hot cross buns on Easter to deliver to the neighbors.

A quick after-church Easter pic of the three of us.  Eli was DONE being dressed in church clothes and ready to run around outside with his cousins, so this is the best we could get.

Looking nice before church on Easter:

Egg hunt!

These two have enviable imaginations.  They can turn absolutely anything into a world of fun for themselves.  I came out to check on them in the backyard and here they were in their "rocket ships."

Eli got sick last week- nothing major, but enough to keep us home for a couple days.  When the tylenol was working, we had some sweet moments together!  Baking muffins...

Washing dishes (he thinks washing dishes is a special treat!):

Playing with superhero toys (I love to listen to him play.):

And when the Tylenol wore off, he'd be asleep on the couch in about 3 minutes flat.  Poor baby.  :(

I love these little feet.

Last weekend the three of us went camping at Beaver's Bend.  The weather was perfect, and we couldn't have had a better time!  We're so thankful! 

A waterfall we passed on our little canoe trip:

Eli fell asleep in the canoe!  :) 

I love this one.

Telling stories around the campfire:

And eating the obligatory s'mores:

Fire is so mesmerizing.

Sky at dusk:

These next few are from a 5+ mile hike we took.  Eli was such a trooper- so cheerful!  He didn't complain once the entire time!  

I didn't realize quite how close we were to the edge when we took this one!  Yikes!

I think Eric was trying to sit Eli down in the water in this one- hence Eli's goofy face.  :)

He loves to be outside.

The water in the river was clear and SOOOO cold.  Eli wanted to swim but had to settle for wading.

There were a lot of trout fishermen on the river.  Eli stood in this same spot and casted his line out and reeled it in over and over again for more than an hour.  He has his father's patience and love of fishing, for sure!  

Pretty budding tree:

Abnormal smiles from both!  :)

Alright, back from camping...

Soccer team photo:

And last but not least, Eli has been trying to perfect the skateboard trick where you stand on it and then "pop it up" so that you're holding it in your hands.  I love his tongue out in concentration!  :)

Are you still reading?  :)  Have a great week!!