Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great long weekend for Memorial Day. On Saturday morning Eric did his annual 100k bike ride in the Mesquite Rodeo Ride. And I did my annual marvelling at how my husband can cycle 62 miles in 95 degree heat and live to tell about it! Super proud of him!

After the ride, we took Eli and Timothy to the air show that they had at the Mesquite Municipal Airport. The boys were mesmerized! It was a great show. I loved the boys' excitement most of all.

On Sunday we went to the church picnic, which was fantastic as always.

On Monday morning we went for a run at White Rock and then to breakfast at one of our favorite places. And in the afternoon/evening my parents hosted a big picnic/pool party for lots of friends. By the end of the long weekend we were sunburned and exhausted, but super happy. It was a perfect way to start the summer!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Proud to be Eli's Mommy

I had a really nice Mother's Day. Afer a stomach bug took Eli and I down and foiled our Saturday plans, we decided to skip church on Sunday and have some family time. I missed being at church, but we sure needed that time together, and it was wonderful!

The day started with a run at sunrise- a much-loved activity- and just went uphill from there! Eli could hardly contain his excitement in giving me his card and flowers- it was adorable. We went to breakfast at one of our favorite places and then walked/rode bikes around White Rock Lake. It was a perfect, perfect morning with my top three favorite things in the world- being with Eric and Eli, going out to breakfast, and long walks in pretty places. And Eric topped it off with a Kindle for me! Wahoo!

We went to Eric's mom's house to spend the afternoon with her, and the stomach bug began to work it's wonders on Eric. We drove home with poor Eric in misery, and I spent the rest of the late afternoon with my sweet boy and tucked him into bed that night with such a sense of joy and humble gratitude that I get to be his mom! It is my greatest blessing.

And, just because I love him, here are a few recent things that Eli has done that just make me laugh:

1. We were at the playground at his speech therapist's school the other day, and there were a couple little girls from the after-school program there that were really bugging Eli. He just kind of ignored them for a while and then finally asked one of them, "Where are your parents?"

2. He calls the place where you put your drink in the car a "holder cup." I don't ever correct him.

3. When we play "Uno" and he only has one card left he proudly announces, "Who Knows!" Again, I never correct him. :)

4. He has three little horses that go into this truck trailer toy he has, and their names are Elmo, Henry, and Tractor Henry.

5. He speaks to the cat in a mis-match of English and meows, i.e., "Jo, do you want to go outside? Meow? Outside? Meow? Meow?"

I am so very thankful to be Eli's mommy!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Our sweet Eli is FOUR YEARS OLD! I can't believe how fast these four years have gone. We are so in love with him! A few facts about our Eli Dane at age four...

-He loves animals of all kinds. He is the first to pet a dog, pick up a cat, dig up a worm, pick a caterpillar off a tree, catch a snake, etc. When the kids were swimming in a lake recently, I told them to stay out of the grassy area. "Why?" they asked. "Because there might be snakes in there!" I replied. "But I like snakes!" Eli told me matter-of-fact-ly. :)

-He is the most helpful kid I know. He just simply loves to help! He's perfectly happy unloading a dishwasher, planting flowers, cleaning a bathroom, mowing the yard, etc. if he is being of help to someone. I love this about him.

-He is sweet! I know every parent says this about their kid, but I'll say it about mine too. :) Eli is just a sweet-natured kid, and I love it! I love how loving and kind he is.

-He's pretty coordinated and atheletic. When you ask him what his favorite sport is, he'll reply, "Basketball and baseball and soccer and football." :) I love watching him ride his bike and have a catch and kick a ball all over the yard, and I look forward to seeing what he does with his atheletic ability in the future.

-More than anything else in the world, Eli loves: his Mommy and Daddy, his Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, his beloved cousin and best friend Timothy, and his and Timothy's "treehouse." He's also into rocket ships, dinosaurs, his bike and new scooter, swimming, and his truck/horse trailer toy.

-Eli truly has a thankful heart. I love, love, love this about him. He is effusive in his gratitude for all the beautiful, daily gifts from the Lord, from a blue sky to bird's feather to his "soft, cozy bed." He loves Jesus and is so thankful to Him.

I am resisting the urge to just keep on going... :)

For his birthday, we had a party with his dear friend CJ, whose birthday is just a week before Eli's. They have the same group of friends from church and love all the same things, so we just decided to do a big party together! We went to an indoor bounce place in Forney (Moon Jumpers), and it was a blast! We had 17
kids there, and every one of them had a fantastic time, as did the adults! :)

A few pictures...

The birthday boys:

Eli and Daddy:

The three of us:

Cake time!

Later that evening we had cake and ice cream and a pinata and presents with our family for Eli and Phil (whose birthday is also May 9!). And on his actual birthday (Wednesday) we went out for donuts for breakfast and then to the zoo with my dear friend Libby and her kids Jacob, Kayley, and Macey, who are Eli's dear friends too. And then in the evening when Eric got home we went to dinner at Primo's and sat on the patio overlooking the lake, and then we came home and Eli got to open his present from us- a much-desired razor scooter!

We put four candles in a cupcake and sang to him again, and I just can't believe my baby is FOUR! He is our miracle, and we couldn't be more thankful or proud to be his parents.

Happy birthday, Eli Dane! We love you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Survival Race

On Saturday a group of us ran the Survival Race in Forney. It was a 5k run with a bunch of obstacles all along the way. We stomped through mud pits, waded through a creek that was more than waist-high, scaled walls, climbed ropes, jumped over fire, scrambled up slippery banks, leaped barrells, and army-crawled through the mud. And had a whole lot of fun! It was a blast, and definitely something that will become an annual tradition! I'm thankful for this fun group of friends and for such a fun thing to do together. A few pictures... The group of us before:

From the back: :)
A little dirtier after we finished...