Thursday, July 4, 2019

June 2019

Ah, summer!  Why does it have to go by so quickly?!  We thoroughly enjoyed June...

This is a crazy picture, but we celebrated Eric's birthday at the beginning of the month. That's a big present he's sitting on.  :)  (It's an inflatable kayak for fishing!)


The kids spent a day together with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop...

PLENTY of swimming, of course!

Mesquite has an annual summer "festival" in the park right behind our houses.  We had friends over for a big picnic and swimming before watching the fireworks together.  Timothy and Eli spent the better part of the afternoon filling water balloons in preparation for this fight...  :)

We're so thankful for this group of friends!

Elizabeth and I took CJ and Eli to Surf-n-Swim, a summer tradition.

And Kelly and I took all the boys to Hawaiian Falls.  The kids had a blast!

Their favorite thing was this "Ninja course," as they called it.  :)  They spent more time doing this than riding rides!

One of the rare pictures of the two of us- an actual selfie!  :)

They rode THIS multiple times!  You step into that tube at the top, they seal it up, and then it counts down 3...2...1... and the bottom drops out!  YIKES!

More swimming!

We love it when Cooper spends the night!

We planned a 40th anniversary celebration dinner for my parents this month.  It was fun to see months of plans come to fruition, and I think it was a really special evening honoring our beloved Mom and Dad/Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop!

And that concludes June!  We're excited for what July has in store.  LOVE to you!!!