Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day-to-Day, March 28

Some phone pictures from the past week or so...

We planted a few spring flowers!  I love this season.

Eli started soccer a couple weeks ago.  He loves it and does really well.  The practices are hilarious as we watch eight 4 and 5 year olds "play soccer."  It's adorable and so comical.  Eli couldn't be happier!

Three boys and three ice cream cones.

Another soccer photo.  He looks so serious!  

There was a bug flying around this lamp early one morning.  Lucy was intent on getting it. 

I took Eli and Cooper to the zoo last week.  The lady who ran the carosel, thinking that they were both my kids, told me that Cooper looks more like me than Eli does.  :)

Totally un-edited color on this geranium.  Amazing!

He's so goofy, and I love it!

We visited Uncle Albert and Aunt Kathy last weekend.  Eli loves to ride the dirt bikes when he is there.

CJ spent the night last weekend.  The boys had a great time, as always.  And they stayed up talking until 10pm, as always.  :)

Eli is slightly obsessed with these dominos.  He lines then up and knocks them down or just "builds things" out of them.  I think much of his pleasure is derived from how neatly they all fit into their little carrying case, though.  I don't blame him- I love the same thing!  :)

He came to work with me for a couple hours this week.  I sometimes wish for a coloring break at work! :)

We are SO proud of Eli for finishing his SECOND Awana Cubbies book!  That's almost 50 Bible verses he's memorized over the last two years!  He loves his little ribbon that is the "award" for finishing the second verse, and he loves his vest filled up with patches.  We love that he is hiding God's Word in his heart!

The other day at work this little lady bug was crawling in my hair.  :)  I released him back into the wild.

Eli loves playing at our new favorite yogurt place- Monster Yogurt.  We've been quite often these last couple of weeks.  :)  

And that's about it!  :)  Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day-to-Day, March 12

Phone pictures from the past week.  Sorry for so many! 

For Eli's cousin Hayley's birthday party, we went roller skating!  This was Eli's first time on skates, and the first time Eric and I had been on skates in quiiiiiiite some time.  :)  We had fun, though, and we all escaped the rink with nary a broken bone.

A site unlikely to be seen ever again: the Wilsons in rollerskates.

Last week Elizabeth and CJ and Eli and me went to an idoor "Safari Park" in Plano.  It was really cute, and the boys had a blast.  Which is why CJ wouldn't slow down for a second so I could get a picture of them together!  :)

Eric so sweetly took down all the blinds and cleaned them for me last weekend!  I loved the way the water droplets looked in the sun.

Eli watching Eric out the window:

Spring has SPRUNG in Dallas!  I love all the bradford pear trees in bloom.

A rainbow on our drive home from Waco last weekend:  (It was actually the first full arc rainbow I've ever seen!  I couldn't fit it all in the frame though.)

Coloring intently:

After three years of allowing our asparagus plants to mature (They are crazy finicky plants!), we had a bountiful harvest of two stalks.  :)

Kicking off spring break with frozen yogurt!  Eli chose cake batter yogurt topped with gummy bears, sprinkles, marshmallows, snickers, and Nilla wafers.  Yum.  :)

Another rainbow- this time in dinner prep:

As mentioned, we spent Saturday with friends in Waco at their family's ranch.  It was a super-fun, country day!  Here's Eli looking out the window at the horse/cow pasture:

Horse feeding:

Fish catching:

Worm digging:

Tree climbing:

Creek wading: (which quickly turned into a general mud and water fest)

And here's what you do with three very wet and very muddy boys on the (short, very slow, extremely safe) drive back up to the ranch house:

Hope you are having a happy week!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daingerfield, February 2013

Last weekend the three of us went camping (in a cabin) at Daingerfield State Park.  It was a perfect weekend!  The weather was gorgeous, and we just so enjoyed being outside together!  A few pictures...

Walking down to the lake:

Eli always loves to climb all over the paddle boats chained to the dock.  I love to just sit and listen to him as he pretends.

Hiking in the woods is our favorite thing in the world to do.  The trail around the lake at Daingerfield is one we've logged many miles on!

Paddle boating:

Taking a break from hiking:

The more obstacles to climb over, the better, as far as Eli is concerned!  :)

Of course, Eli and Eric did some fishing!

The three of us:

I love the pure joy on his face.  

Walking down to the dock to fish:

We had a perfect weekend and are so thankful!