Friday, July 3, 2020

July 2020

June pictures!  It seems crazy to already be in July, although on the other hand it feels like we have been "summering" for so long after having been in this quarantine season for months.  What a year this has been so far for everyone.

We are so thankful to have been able to get away for a trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida at the beginning of June.  Elizabeth and CJ came with us, and we had a blast.

We celebrated Eric's birthday this month...  we are indescribably thankful for his life!!

We got to go out on a date to celebrate!

This is what our life looks like much of the time... swimming in the creek to look for disc golf discs.  Very glamorous!  :)  Eli and Timothy and Charlie spend so much time both disc golfing and dredging the creeks to find lost discs.  Boys!  :)

Still going strong on the turtles!

Buddies.  :)  

Eli and CJ got to go to a basketball camp at a local church.  It felt so "normal," and I'm thankful they had this experience in the midst of an "abnormal" sort of summer.

Enjoying time with our sweet friends the McDonalds...

More disc golf hunting.  :)

And that's about it for June!  Much love to you!!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

May 2020

SUMMER!!!  May was a sweet little month- finishing up the school year, seeing the quarantine season begin to lift a bit, celebrating Eli's birthday, and heading on into our beloved summer months.  Here are a few pictures from our MAY...

Mabel the kitten was Eli's birthday gift this year.  She has been such a JOY to us!  She's cuddly and sweet, and we all love her (including Hank)!

With more free time and less places to go, the boys have continued their daily searches for animals.  These are two softshell turtle babies...

Another kitten picture... 

We celebrated Eli's 12th birthday, quarantine style.  :)  He requested homemade crab cakes for dinner, and we watched a movie together.  It was a fun night!

Oh, how we LOVE our 12 year-old boy!!  He is funny, kind, easy-going, and a lover of animals, nature, family, and the Lord.  We are so proud of who he is and so excited for what the Lord has in store for him in the future.  

Eli with his two birthday presents: Mabel and a new full-size bed.  :)

On the morning of his birthday, we picked up donuts from our favorite spot...

opened a little gift (a disc)...

and the boys headed off to a new disc golf course!

And then in the evening we celebrated Eli and Phil (who is a May 9 birthday too!) with a family dinner and presents.


Another of the boys' animal finds...  this sweet little bird, who had a hurt wing.

Gratuitous kitten picture:

Buddies.  :)

The pool is open for the summer!

Eli finished 6th grade!  He is a wonderful student, a hard worker, and such a good friend.  We are proud of his entire year, but especially the last couple of "homeschool months," which he navigated with maturity and dedication, despite the difficulties.

Here's how he feels about being done:  :)

The school did a "drive-by" awards ceremony, where we dropped off books and supplies and got to say hi to his teachers for a minute.  We LOVE Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Caldwell and are so thankful that Eli got to benefit from their teaching and their godly character this year.  They gave Eli the "shining example of character" award.  

The scariest animal find yet: a baby cottonmouth (poisonous!) snake.  YIKES!

We ended the month/started June with a little trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida with our friends Elizabeth and CJ.  We had a BLAST enjoying the gorgeous beach and time to relax and be together.  I'll save the rest of the pictures for JUNE, though.

Much love to you!!  And happy SUMMER!