Thursday, March 5, 2020

February 2020

February was the best!  We had some fun with family and friends here in Texas, and then Eli and I got to spend a week in MAINE!  

This is hard to see, but I love the light...  Eli and two friends (the Howards) playing out in the park one afternoon...

Super Bowl 2020!  :)  Eli was very happy that the Chiefs won!

Terrell actually got a little tiny bit of snow one day!  This was on our drive to school one morning...

To celebrate Valentine's Day and my Dad's birthday, the three of us plus Mom and Dad went to Texas de Brazil for dinner.  We love the salad bar!  :)

Alrighty- now the good stuff!  :)  During Eli's winter break, Eli and my mom and I went to Maine to visit my grandparents and have some winter fun.  We had such a great week!  We got to do lots of fun winter activities that we could never do in Texas, ate great food, and, best of all, just got to enjoy lots of time being together with my grandparents.  These are out of order but here goes!  :)

This is on a frozen lake!  Eli and I took a long walk out on Hiland Lake, and we all enjoyed the winter "carnival" type thing that was going on there that day.  People even jumped into the lake to raise money for a charity!  EEK!

Eli and my mom:

On the last day that we were there, it snowed about 7 inches!  All day long we just played outside- it was magical!  This is at Moose Pond, where my grandparents live.

We built a pretty amazing snow cave!  Eli and my mom carved out the first entrance, and then I joined in for entrances number two and three.   After three days of work, we had a really cool cave that all of us could actually fit inside of!  :)

We went snow tubing!

My grandparents and Eli at the famous snow cave...

Four generations!


Back to snow tubing...

Working on the cave...

We went to a really fun place called Nestlenook Farms, where we snow-shoed and ice-skated!

Playing in the gorgeous snow.  We were literally outside from about 10am until 6pm, with breaks for food and warmth.  :)

In Texas, Eli ALWAYS wears shorts and a t-shirt.  He swore that he would not need a "puffy coat" in Maine, but we proved him wrong.  :)  And then we forced him to stand outside in bare feet and his normal Texas outfit and act like he was hot.  :)

Ice skating at Nestlenook Farms.  It was a giant outdoor rink, and Eli and I had such a memorable time.  (And I only fell once!  :) )

It was a PERFECT week that we will never forget.  I'm so grateful for that special time with my mom, my boy, and my dear grandparents!  

And now we're back in Texas, where it's 70 degrees and all the trees are flowering.  :)  Bring on spring!  

Thursday, February 20, 2020

January 2020 (a bit late)

This is a pretty boring post, but I realized I forgot to post anything from January!  It was a pretty calm month, which I always love about January.  

This is the tortoise that Eli got for Christmas...  she is ALWAYS trying to escape!  After we witnessed this particular attempt, we bought a container for her with much taller sides.  :)

Eli and Timothy are always devising new, fun games to play outside.  This was some variation on a frisbee golf obstacle course.  

The kids all went to breakfast with Mom-Mom...

We had some super cold days in January, which was the perfect occasion for Hank to wear his sweater.  :)

There is LOTS of frisbee golf going on these days!

Another self-devised project for the boys- cleaning out the creek behind our house.  :)

There has been lots of Star Wars play going on as well.

More frisbee golf...  This was right before Eric got a HOLE IN ONE!

The boys all got Nerf guns that shoot these little "yellow balls," so playing "yellow ball guns" has been a popular activity lately as well.

And that rounds out January; I told you it was boring!  :)  Honestly, though, I love these "boring" sorts of days.  I love watching the boys use their imaginations and entertain themselves in creative ways.  January's slow schedule is perfect for that.

February's post will be much more exciting, because we went to MAINE to visit my grandparents!

Much love!

Friday, January 10, 2020

December 2019

As usual, these are out of order, and I don't know how to fix it!  :)  But here we go nonetheless...  December!

This was Christmas morning at my parents' house...  All the happy kiddos!

Eli tested for his red/black belt in December.  He has been working SO hard for years now, and the red/black belt is the second to last step to becoming a black belt in karate!  He'll work this semester on refining everything he has learned, and the belt (which is red on top and black on bottom) will get flipped to black on top and red on bottom at the end of this spring semester.  Then next fall he'll test for his BLACK belt!  We are so proud of all his hard work.

See how out of order these are?  :)  This was actually New Year's Eve, believe it or not.  :)

And back to karate...  here he is after his test, complete with his new red/black belt tied on!

 Eric took me to Texas de Brazil and to the Meyerson Christmas concert (the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Dallas Symphony Choir) for my birthday.  This is one of my FAVORITE nights every year.  I love the concert so much, and I love that special time with Eric.  Here's 39!  :)

 To prove our advanced age...  we are HORRIBLE at taking "selfies."  :)  This was the best we could get, and we're still not even looking in the right place!  :)

Eli got a tortoise for Christmas!  Her name is Holiday, and she's a Russian tortoise.  She lives in a box in Eli's room for the time being.  In the spring we'll move her to her new "habitat" that Eric and Eli are building outside.  When she's not hanging out outside (when we're home during the day), she spends ALL her time clawing at the edge of the box, trying futilely to get out.  :)

This was after Jacey's band concert.  Both Jacey and Cooper are in band this year, and both of their concerts were so impressive!

Eli had his guitar recital this month and did great!  He loves playing guitar, and his teacher is wonderful.  We are so thankful for this hobby in his life.

We all went to see the new Star Wars movie together!

On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with the Heinzes for our annual "dinner and games" night.  :)  We make a bunch of fancy food and play some crazy games together.  It was a wonderful evening!  Timothy and Eli played "Joy to the World" for us (on guitar and tin whistle).

A few pictures of our crazy games...  :)

A rare picture of the three of us!

We spend some time talking together about what's meaningful to each of us about Jesus' birth, and we exchanged presents.

We headed home after that, opened our traditional Christmas Eve PJs, read the Christmas story, and set out gifts.


Super blurry, but I always love the "first" picture of Christmas morning.  Eli has a little bag of Hank's presents in his hand.  The funny thing is that they have been in Eli's closet for weeks prior to Christmas, and Hank has spent long hours sitting at the door of the closet whining...  he could smell them in there!  :)  So Hank was VERY happy to finally have his presents!  :)

A few gift-opening pictures...



We sat on the floor and talked and played and opened gifts and ate cinnamon rolls...  this is our FAVORITE morning of the whole year, and we relished every second.  (He's holding up nine fingers for 2019.)

We joined the rest of the family at my parents' house later in the morning, ate more, opened more gifts, and so enjoyed being together.  After that, we played with new toys, took naps (a few of us :) ), and then re-gathered for Christmas dinner.  It was a wonderful day!

Whew!  That's it!  We are so thankful for the blessings of 2019 and for the lessons we learned from the Lord.  We are looking forward to what He has in store for us in 2020.  Happy New Year and thanks for reading! :)