Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018

Happy May!  :)  Here are some pictures from our April.  

April started with Easter!  

I love looking out the window and seeing scenes like this...

The big event of April was a trip we took to Big Bed National Park in southwest Texas.  It was unforgettable!

On the long drive (8 hours!) we made a couple stops...  

First was Monahans Sandhills State Park.  This place was so unbelievable- GIANT white sand dunes in the middle of the Texas desert!  You rent these saucer things and slide down the dunes with them.  It was a blast (and a workout!).

The next stop was Balmorhea State Park, which has a giant, super deep spring fed pool- one of the largest in the world.  Even though it was semi chilly, we so enjoyed swimming there!


We stopped one more time in a little town close to where we were staying to pick up groceries, and then we headed on to the little house we rented.  It was the coolest place!  It was literally in the middle of the desert and totally "off the grid," meaning solar power, rain water showers, etc.  We've never stayed anywhere like it.  We spent some time exploring around the house...

LOTS of cacti in the desert!  :)  The landscape in Big Bend was so different from anything we've ever seen.

The next couple days were spent hiking in Big Bend National Park.  The views were spectacular, and we so enjoyed being in such a beautiful place, spending time together!

We ate dinner a couple times at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, Texas.  Terlingua is an old mining town that is now considered a "ghost town," and it has this super cool, famous restaurant and live music venue (the Starlight Theatre) that is original to the old mining town.  The food was fantastic, but the atmosphere was what was the most memorable.  We'll never forget that crazy place!  

On this day we hiked down into a canyon that borders Mexico.  We loved this hike!

We saw gorgeous desert landscape and breathtaking sunsets from our front porch.

It was an unforgettable trip, and we're so thankful for the experience!  

Eli and Eric and the rest of the boys went camping this month too, but they didn't take any pictures.  :)  And that concludes April!  Love to you!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March 2018

These are out of order, as always, but here's a peek at our March...

Eli and Timothy have been VERY into roller-blading, and they've gotten really good!  It's super fun to watch them.

Eli got this "slack line" for Christmas and has been practicing a lot...

We had CJ come spend the day with us...  we always love it when he comes to play!  

Eli's gardening interest as grown, thanks to his enthusiastic science teacher at school.  :)  He planted a couple squash plants in Eric's garden this year.

Kelly and I took the boys ice skating at the Galleria one day, which is always fun!

Egg dye-ing for Easter!

I LOVE that he loves to read!  

More roller-blading!

More ice-skating!  (Told you these were out of order!  :))

Another in Curry's list of cozy hiding spots...  under the throw rug in Eli's room.  :)

My mom always does an Easter egg hunt for the kids the Saturday before Easter.  This year's hunt was great, as always!

Sorting his treasures...

And even though this is technically from April, here's a picture of my handsome boy on Easter morning...

And that concludes March!  Love to you!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

February was a pretty low-key month!  I like the winter months for the slower pace.  We had a camping trip planned at the end of the month during Eli's winter break, but we had SO MUCH RAIN in Texas that week that we had to cancel.  :(  We made the most of the week, though, and enjoyed indoor activities instead.  :)

Our cat, Curry, loves to snuggle underneath blankets.  If I ever leave a quilt laying out anywhere, I can come back a few minutes later and find her wrapped up inside.  Super cute.  :)

The firing range.  (He's shooting a BB gun- don't worry! :) )

Eric put his Japanese genes to the test and made us California rolls one night.  They were great!

We saw a movie together- the Greatest Showman.  (Eric's expression is fake.  :) )  We all LOVED the movie!

We went bowling one afternoon during yet another storm.  We had a blast!

We watched a LOT of Olympics, and a lot of Warriors basketball too.  

And that's about it!  :)  We're excited for the springtime and the fun things that we have planned.  Much love to you!!