Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Bad Morning with an Upshot

First I'll start with the upshot... We had a sonogram this morning, and it's a BOY!!! We were so excited to get to see our little son and are so excited to be his parents! It was such a special, surreal moment to look at that screen and see his little face and to know that he's inside me! It is truly a miracle.

And now for the bad part of the morning... The reason we had to have the sonogram, which was earlier than expected, is that I have have been having pain up near my ribs for the past several days now. When it turned into a hard lump under my skin, I called the doctor, who had me come in right away. He ordered this sonogram, thinking that it was something related to my colon, kidney, pancreas, etc., all of which sounds so scary. I was, of course, thinking the worst.

The good news is that the sonogram showed nothing wrong with any of my internal organs, but there is a "hematoma" right under the skin, which they explain as a bad internal bruise. Either it's just a bruise, or I have some kind of tear in my abdominal muscle wall causing the pain and swelling. Though the pain isn't fun, I am SO relieved that it is not anything more serious. We are still waiting to hear the official diagnosis and treatment from the doctor, but I feel much less worried than yesterday. If you think of it, though, please pray that I'll be able to heal quickly!


Sarah said...

WOW - a BOY!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! This is truly great!

And I'm so thankful you're physically okay! I will certainly pray. Steve and I are going out of town this weekend but maybe next we can hang out???