Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally Friday

I don't know why, but, more than usual, I have been LONGING for the weekend this week! Fortunately, it went by quickly. I am so sleepy today and can't wait to be in our soft bed with lots of pillows sleeping in tomorrow morning!!!

There is not a lot going on, really. The pregnancy is going fine. I love feeling the baby kicking and moving around, and I am looking forward to when he gets a little bigger so that Eric can feel it too. I still don't look that pregnant- just a little fat. :) But last Sunday I think I wore regular, non-maternity pants for the last time. It kind of bums me out to look in my closet and see my favorite shorts and skirts hanging in there that I won't get to wear when spring comes! I guess I'm not the first pregnant woman to deal with this. :)

This weekend (well, Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening) Eric is going fishing with my dad and brothers-in-law on Lake Texoma. I'll miss him while he's away, but I like time by myself, too. I am looking forward to cleaning the house (what a nerd) and to hopefully baking something yummy and new. There are few things more therepeutic for me than to bake by myself. I love it.

Happy weekend!