Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is Unexpected

I am writing this from home in the middle of the workday because I am on bed rest! :( This was so unexpected- I feel great and things seem to be going really well with the pregnancy, but when I went to the doctor on Monday he told me I have high blood pressure, which looks like the beginnings of preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension). I was so surprised! I had to take off of work on Tuesday and then went back to the doctor on Wednesday hoping that I'd be all better, but I wasn't. He put me on bed rest for the rest of this week, and then I go back on Monday to get re-evaluated and to decide what comes next.

I am thankful for such a good doctor who cares so much for my health and the baby's health, and I know this is what needs to happen, but it is a little hard for me to take. I feel fine, and I really miss being at work, taking walks, running errands, doing normal things. But God knows what's going on, and all of this is in His hands. I am praying for a willing, contented heart!

We would so appreciate your prayers during this time! And if you are bored and want to watch a movie on the couch, you now know who to call. :)