Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to Bed

I hate that this blog has become more of a medical journal! But it is the best way to keep everyone updated, so here goes another installement! (Forgive me!)

Yesterday was fairly eventful. I went to the doctor for my weekly check-up, and my blood pressure was super high. This is officially preeclampsia now. I was sent over to labor and delivery, where they hooked me up to a fetal monitor and to a blood pressure/heart monitor for me, and I just laid there in the hospital room for three hours! Eric was there with me- I'm so thankful for that, and all the nurses were really nice.

The concern is that the baby isn't getting adequate nutrition, because high blood pressure slows down fetal growth. So they did a sonogram, and the baby looks perfect. He's right on schedule with where he should be- measurements, heart rate, movement, etc. It was so comforting to see him and know that he's okay. They also ran a bunch of tests on me to make sure that my liver and kidneys are still working like they should be, because that is the danger of high blood pressure to the mom. All the tests came back normal, so they sent me home with orders of "strict bed rest." They are sending a nurse to the house every day to check on me. Yikes!

We're just wanting to make it as far as we can with the pregnancy now. I'm 29 weeks today, and we are just begging the Lord for 34 weeks. Every day that goes by and that I'm still pregnant is a blessing.

I feel fine physically, but emotionally this is difficult. More than anything we want a healthy little baby, and it is so scary to think of him being born this early and having to be in the NICU. We love him so much.

We would so appreciate your prayers for our little son now! We're naming him Elisha, which means "The Lord is my salvation." We are praying that this testimony is true in his life even now.