Friday, May 22, 2009

When Eli Slams a Door...

...He opens it and then slams it again, about 2,641 times. :) This is his new favorite thing- opening and closing all doors, cabinets, etc. Not only does the constant banging drive me insane, but I am all the time listening for a scream that indicates that he's smashed his fingers. At the same time, though, it's so boy, and it's so cute.

He also whistles now. He's been pursing his lips together in this cute expression for a while, but he just figured out that when he blows through his lips, he can whistle. Eric and I just laugh as we listen to him crawl around the house whistling.

He loves to read Pat the Bunny and Dear Zoo and will hand them to me over and over again to read until I finally hide them where he can't find them. :) He allows no other books to be read.

He loves to stand up on his own, play peek-a-boo with himself in the full-length mirror, pick up and push any ball he can find, and bang relentlessly on his toy piano. Our house is noisy and covered with toys, but it is a happy house. Eli makes sure of that.

Oh, how I love this boy, door-slamming and all.


Amber said...

hooray for boys -- i can see future carson in all that! i hope they can play together one day -- sounds like they share common interests :)