Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sound of Fire Engines

(Toy fire engines, that is.)

Eli's absolute favorite indoor activity is riding around on his little "fire engine," a gift from his grandparents a few months ago. It makes all kinds of cool noises, including a very real-sounding siren.

The downside of this fire engine is that, though he can get on and off all by himself, his little feet just barely touch the ground, so he can't push himself. He'll get on and then lean really far to one side and push himself with just one foot- it's adorable.

Even more adorable is when Eric pushes Eli around the house on it. They go about 90 mph on the wood floors and can do a 360 in about 0.4 seconds flat. Eli loves it. I mean LOVES it. He's less than pleased with Mommy's sorry attempt to push him around the house. :) Clearly, this is a father-son thing. I love to hear the sound of fire engines (toy ones, that is) echo through my house!