Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It has been so long since I've posted! This is mainly due to the fact that our lives have been pretty "boring" lately, which is just how I like it, to tell the truth! :) Eli has been enjoying lots of time outside (Who can resist long walks and afternoons at the playground with this gorgeous weather?), learning plenty of new words, and mastering the art of climbing every single obstable he can find. He's a joy!

For Thanksgiving this year, we spent the morning at Eric's mom and step-dad's house in Fort Worth and the evening with my family here in Mesquite. Two great meals, lots of grandparent attention for Eli, and great memories all around. Eli did great- he was such a trooper with the long drive to and from Fort Worth, and he even took a 2-hour nap at Grandma's house! My grandparents are here from Pennsylvania, so that made Thanksgiving even more special for us.

The day after Thanksgiving was the official start of the Christmas season at the Wilson house, even though (true confessions) we've been sneaking Christmas cds into the cd player for weeks now. :) Eric put the lights on the trees outside the house and brought down all the boxes from the attic, and then he took Eli outside to play for the afternoon so that I could clean and decorate. It was great! I cooked another Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night just for us (I can't not have turkey leftovers!), and we watched the Family Stone after Eli went to sleep. (Sidenote: I looooooove this movie! Perfect, perfect Christmas movie.) This is our traditional start to the Christmas season- I love it!

On Saturday we went to cut down our Christmas tree! But more on that later. Right now I need to get to sleep, since I'll probably be up with poor Eli once or twice tonight. He has hand-foot-mouth disease, as do his cousins and our friends' kids. Who knows where it started, but it has made for some fussy kiddos around here lately! We're just dealing with the fever now, praying that he doesn't get the mouth sores- the last thing Eli needs is something that causes him to stop eating and lose weight!

Anyway, we are super thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with our little family. I hope that you guys had a special holiday as well!