Thursday, January 21, 2010


One of the few words Eli repeats is "nigh-nigh" (night-night). He has recently started playing "nigh-nigh," lying down and pretending to sleep (with his eyes open, ironically) and then suddenly popping up and laughing hysterically. He'll go "nigh-nigh" in his high chair, on the bathroom floor, anywhere the mood strikes him.

He will also, at any time, point to any person near him and command, "NIGH-NIGH," meaning that you must lay your head down, close your eyes, and pretend to snore until he tugs your hair to "wake you up," at which point he laughs for a bit and then chooses his next victim. It's adorable. I love seeing him begin to "pretend" like this.

At the zoo this week he got a little stuffed giraffe. (He calls it "AAAAAAAHHHHHH," which is essentially a loud, prolonged growl used to signify giraffes, lions, tigers, and bears. Great vocabulary, I know. :) ) This morning he was sitting on the floor of my bathroom with his beloved blanket and the giraffe, waiting for me to get ready for work. I looked down when I heard him say, "nigh-nigh," and I watched as he laid his giraffe down on the floor, covered him up with his blanket, and then gave him a kiss. My heart melted! How cute is that? Of course, the giraffe was then rudely awakened by being flung into the air by little toddler hands, but I'm positive that he enjoyed being put to bed by the sweetest little boy I know. The boy who makes sure to give kisses before going to sleep. Oh, how I love him!


Amber said...

laughed out loud! sooooooo cute :)