Monday, February 22, 2010


I haven't posted in a few weeks, mostly because I've been trying to limit my time on the computer to the times when Eli is asleep. And then when he is asleep I think of 103 more pressing things to do, so blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list.

Eric is putting Eli to bed now, so I thought I'd take a minute to give a little recap. Here are the top five things happening around the Wilson household lately:

1. Snow! Like every other Dallas-ite has already mentioned, we got a foot of snow a couple weeks ago! It was insane! Eli was entranced by it, but he quickly figured out how miserable it is to be soaking wet and freezing cold, being as the closest thing we came to snow gear was triple layers of clothing. :) We Texans just aren't prepared for snow! But we enjoyed it while it lasted, and now we wait all too eagerly for the hot Texas summer!

2. Injuries. Eli has a few things going against him when it comes to injuries, head injuries in particular. One: He has a really big head and a really little body. He's fairly top-heavy. :) Two: He is fearless. Three: He looooooooves to climb. This kid gets more bruises, scrapes, and bumps on his head than any kid I have ever seen! He is contantly running at top speed only to crash into something, climbing up onto something insanely high only to jump right off, and biting his lip as he tumbles wrecklessly over whatever is in his path. We jokingly talk about getting him a crash helmet, but I think Eric and I are both seriously considering it! :)

3. Valentine's Day. On Valentine's weekend, Eli and I baked cookies for friends and family and made a red velvet cake for Eric. Eric cooked me a fancy steak dinner and had a huge bouquet of tulips delivered to me! (I know it's so cliche, but the way to my heart is truly through flower delivery! :) ) Eric got new Crocs, and Eli got a new tool set. And, of course, what Valentine's Day would be complete without huge boxes of chocolates? :)

4. Words, words, words. Eli's vocabulary has exploded lately. I thought he would never talk, and then all of the sudden he is repeating most everything that I say. Of course, 90% of what he says is not understandable, but still. :) I'm really proud of how much he's learning!

5. Gardening. Eric is starting our seedlings for our spring garden, and this weekend he and Eli spent a good amount of time digging out the garden plot for the spring/summer. I'm so excited to have home-grown veggies again! And I love watching my two boys dig in the dirt together. :)

That's about all from our little house! I hope all is well with you guys too!