Monday, March 29, 2010


Eli has a good amount of persistence. When he sets his mind to something, he will get it accomplished. I love this about him, but there is one particular application of this persistence that tests my patience more than a little. :)

He will randomly think of something or someone, and it takes a good fifteen minutes and perhaps 500 repetitions of the same word to get it out of his brain. And he wants me to answer him with every repetition.


Eli: [random thought popping into his brain] Bike?

Me: Oh! Did you remember that you took a bike ride with Daddy yesterday?

Eli: Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike?

Me: Yes, you ride the bike with Daddy sometimes.

Eli: Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike?

Me: Honey, we can't ride the bike right now- we're driving in the car right now.

Eli: Bike? Bike?

Me: No, baby, not right now.

Eli: Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike?

Me: Maybe later. Please stop asking about the bike now.

Eli: [loudly, with more persistence] Bike? Bike? Bike?

Me: No, sweetie.

Eli: Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike?

Me: [beyond annoyed, trying to exude patience] No.

And this will go on for literally fifteen minutes. It's cute at times, and it definitely make me laugh, but it drives me nuts at times, for sure! :)

He does this with people, too. His latest favorites have been Nick and Sarah, which, the way Eli says it, sounds like "Nice and Rara." Heaven forbid that Sarah call during the day, because that will set Eli off on a monologue about their whole family that will last a good portion of the morning.