Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter! What a beautiful time to really reflect on what the resurrection means to us. God heaped all of our horrible sins upon His only Son and poured out His wrath upon Jesus Christ. Then He conquered death by rising from the dead. There is no greater gift, no greater reason to celebrate than this! Praise be to our gracious God!

Easter weekend was a joyful, fun time this year. We got to spend some time with Eric's mom on Saturday morning, and then on Saturday afternoon my parents had an egg hunt for the kids. I wasn't sure if Eli would "get it," but he ran out the back door and hunted eggs like an old pro! He picked up way more than his fair share, and Eric kept sneaking them out of his basket and re-hiding them to give his cousins a fighting chance. :) We enjoyed dinner on the backyard patio, with sticky buns for dessert (my favorite Easter tradition!).

On Sunday morning Eli was, of course, elated to see baskets full of candy and treats. Sunday School and church were fantastic, as was Easter dinner with the whole family afterwards. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is risen indeed!