Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tree Climbing

The weather has been so pretty lately, and every spare moment has been spent outside. I told Eric tonight (after I practically soaked Eli's t-shirt in spray-n-wash) that the springtime has brought with it a major increase in dirty laundry and dirty little boys! :) But I love it. I love that Eli loves to be outside as much as we do, and I love how healthy it is for Eli and his cousins to run around and get dirty together!

Eli loves to eat lunch outside, so we've been having lots of "picnics" in the front yard. This is the face he makes when I tell him to smile. :)

He loves to throw frisbees. This is right after the release, I guess?

And his new-found love is climbing trees (or holly bushes, in this case). Here he is scoping it out...

Climbing up...


He says when he does this, "Eli climb like monkey!" :) Except he says monkey like, "App-mee," so it sounds even cuter. :)

This weekend we're heading out to Lake Ray Roberts to camp with our good friends, the Vavras. We're excited to fish, play, hike, and just enjoy being in a beautiful place with people we love. I'll post some pictures next week! Happy weekend to all of you!


kate said...

Love these photos! I can't believe he's doing so well climbing the trees. That's awesome! He can climb w/William next time he's over : )