Sunday, October 23, 2011

State Fair

Eric and I haven't been to the Texas State Fair in years, but this year we decided that Eli and Timothy needed to experience it! Phil and Kelly left Charlie with my parents, and then we all loaded up and went to the fair on Thursday night. The boys were totally blown away by all that there was to do and see. They just rode around on Eric's and Phil's shoulders with their mouths hanging open as they took in all the lights and sounds and people. It was adorable to watch. We tried to give them a good sampling of fair food, took them to see the pig races, saw the parade of lights, and let them ride a couple rides. They also just stood in amazement at the ferris wheel for quite some time. :)

When we saw Big Tex, Eli said, "Him not bite us?" :)

A few pictures...

By the ferris wheel- us and then Phil, Kelly, and Timothy:

I look like a dork in this one, and you can't really even see the boys, but I love how they're looking at each other! They just stared at each other and laughed and laughed the whole time!

Another ride, this time with Kelly:

Before we left, they shared a drink and a fried snickers. They were absolutely giddy with excitement and exhaustion. :) It was a perfect childhood experience for them!