Thursday, January 12, 2012


We're home! Eli managed to stay off of oxygen all night last night in the hospital, which was his last criteria to meet before coming home. He is weak and tired, but we are all so, so happy to be at home. We'll have a few low-key days here at home trying to get his strength (and weight!) back up, and then he will hopefully be good as new!

I want to write about the abundant blessings we experienced while we were in the hospital (including opportunities to minister to others!), but that will have to wait a little while. But let me just say that I am so thankful for the five days we were there, because we got to experience so much grace from the Lord, both through His Spirit within us and through our dear friends and family pouring out love onto us. God is so good.

And now I get to go take a shower in my own shower before crawling into my own bed! I am giddy with the thought! :)

Thank you for praying for our boy!