Monday, May 14, 2012

Proud to be Eli's Mommy

I had a really nice Mother's Day. Afer a stomach bug took Eli and I down and foiled our Saturday plans, we decided to skip church on Sunday and have some family time. I missed being at church, but we sure needed that time together, and it was wonderful!

The day started with a run at sunrise- a much-loved activity- and just went uphill from there! Eli could hardly contain his excitement in giving me his card and flowers- it was adorable. We went to breakfast at one of our favorite places and then walked/rode bikes around White Rock Lake. It was a perfect, perfect morning with my top three favorite things in the world- being with Eric and Eli, going out to breakfast, and long walks in pretty places. And Eric topped it off with a Kindle for me! Wahoo!

We went to Eric's mom's house to spend the afternoon with her, and the stomach bug began to work it's wonders on Eric. We drove home with poor Eric in misery, and I spent the rest of the late afternoon with my sweet boy and tucked him into bed that night with such a sense of joy and humble gratitude that I get to be his mom! It is my greatest blessing.

And, just because I love him, here are a few recent things that Eli has done that just make me laugh:

1. We were at the playground at his speech therapist's school the other day, and there were a couple little girls from the after-school program there that were really bugging Eli. He just kind of ignored them for a while and then finally asked one of them, "Where are your parents?"

2. He calls the place where you put your drink in the car a "holder cup." I don't ever correct him.

3. When we play "Uno" and he only has one card left he proudly announces, "Who Knows!" Again, I never correct him. :)

4. He has three little horses that go into this truck trailer toy he has, and their names are Elmo, Henry, and Tractor Henry.

5. He speaks to the cat in a mis-match of English and meows, i.e., "Jo, do you want to go outside? Meow? Outside? Meow? Meow?"

I am so very thankful to be Eli's mommy!