Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Izzie

Yesterday we had to have our sweet dog Izzie put to sleep. :( It was so, so hard. She got super sick at the beginning of the week and spent three days in the vet hospital with great medical care. But none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong, and she was just suffering so much. Our decision was clear, and we're thankful for that. But saying goodbye was so difficult.

She was the sweetest, most gentle dog, so loveable and fun. We're going to miss her so much. We'll always have such fond memories of our sweet "Beast."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End

Concern over Eli's tiny size began before he was even born, and it has been an issue for his entire life. We've seen so many doctors, had so many tests, and have spent hours praying over this situation. Last month we saw two new doctors- a geneticist and an endocrinologist. Today we got the results back from the final round of tests that Eli needed to have. The nurse said, "Everything looks perfectly normal."

I cried. :) This is the end of this issue that has been a struggle for more than four years. Eli is "perfectly normal" with nothing wrong at all. He's little, but that's okay. In the doctor's words, he has plenty of time to catch up in size, and he will. No more worrying about this! Short or tall, big or small, he's healthy.

We are so, so thankful to the Lord for helping us to carry this burden, and we are so, so thankful to set it aside. We praise Him for the strength He provides and for the blessing of a healthy child. We try so hard to never, ever take it for granted.

Praise the Lord, who is our salvation, who is good whether things look "good" or "bad," who was faithful and kind to us when Eli was at his sickest, and who is still faithful and kind to us today in Eli's health. He is always the same, always faithful, always good.