Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daingerfield, February 2013

Last weekend the three of us went camping (in a cabin) at Daingerfield State Park.  It was a perfect weekend!  The weather was gorgeous, and we just so enjoyed being outside together!  A few pictures...

Walking down to the lake:

Eli always loves to climb all over the paddle boats chained to the dock.  I love to just sit and listen to him as he pretends.

Hiking in the woods is our favorite thing in the world to do.  The trail around the lake at Daingerfield is one we've logged many miles on!

Paddle boating:

Taking a break from hiking:

The more obstacles to climb over, the better, as far as Eli is concerned!  :)

Of course, Eli and Eric did some fishing!

The three of us:

I love the pure joy on his face.  

Walking down to the dock to fish:

We had a perfect weekend and are so thankful!