Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe it, but today Eli started KINDERGARTEN!  He's attending Poetry Community Christian School, a place that we prayed so much he would get into.  It just seems like the exact environment we want for our little guy.  We are super excited for him, and I can hardly wait to pick him back up in a little while and hear all about the first day.

He hasn't been at all sad about this- just excited.  We got to meet all the students and their families a couple weeks ago at a class party, so he was just happy to see his new friends again today.  My super late sleeper even woke up HIMSELF at 6:30am today (a good 2 hours earlier than his usual!) because he was so excited.  :)  

Here he is in his little uniform.  I couldn't love this boy any more if I tried!

And here he is walking into the building with his little teacher gift and his tote bag.  By this point he was SO sick of me taking pictures and was just ready for me to leave already!  :)  Neither one of us shed a tear this morning- it was a really happy day.  (I think I cried all my tears out on Saturday night when the realization of the reality of this hit me hard! :) )

And now we have a kindergartener!  We're so proud of our Eli Dane!