Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day-to-Day, February 4

January was pretty uneventful, which was a welcome relief after a crazy holiday season!  Here are some pictures from this month...

Painting a train set that Uncle Les and Aunt Robyn gave Eli for Christmas:

We played a lot of baseball this month.  Eli loves it.

Charlie had his 4th birthday at the Gentle Zoo.  Eli, always the animal lover, enjoyed feeding the goats:

They have this amazing bounce "pad" thing at the Gentle Zoo.  The kids LOVED it and stayed on it forever.  The dads couldn't help themselves either (see Eric in the background).  :)

And the giant sandbox is always a hit:

All dressed up for "work."  (He really, in all seriousness, thinks that his "job" is to "work with Timothy."  The schemes and plans those two come up with are insane and adorable all at the same time.)

Eli loves to lay in our bed because "it's the coziest."

Last weekend we went to a Sidekicks (professional indoor soccer) game.  Eli was totally enthralled.

His face here cracks me up.

It's been a really nice month!  We've so enjoyed the weekends together without big plans- this is totally contrary to our normal "M.O.," but it has been so refreshing!  I feel like it is a gift from the Lord before spring comes and pushes us back into a busier schedule!  

Blessings to you this as we begin February!