Monday, June 2, 2014

Day-to-Day, May 2014

These are slightly out of order, but here goes anyway...  

For Eli's birthday, instead of a party he requested that the three of us go to a Rough Riders game and stay at a "hotel with a pool."  Not lovers of throwing large parties, Eric and I happily agreed!  :)

Baseball game + nachos = Bliss for Eli!

At the hotel pool.  It was freezing!  

He spent most of his time in the hot tub swimming around. :)

We had cake and ice cream and presents with the whole family.

On Memorial Weekend the church had the annual church picnic.  The kids had a blast swimming, going on hay rides, doing the egg toss, fishing, and bouncing on the bounce house.  It's always such a fun kick-off to summer with our dearest friends.  

Charlie and Eli on the hay ride:

Savannah and Eli getting ready for the egg toss:

Graduation day!  

Eli's class did the greatest little performance for their graduation!  They recited all the verses they learned throughout the year, sang some worship songs for us, and told us what they want to be when they grow up.  It was precious!

Our graduate! 

Class of 2026.  :)

After graduation the school had field day, which was super fun.  All the games were water games (lots of bounce house type things, water relays, etc.), and the kids had a blast!

I love this picture of Eli and Tori.

At the beginning of the month Eli's class took a field trip to the children's museum in Commerce.  They had such a fun time!  This is Eli and his best friend from school, Victoria:

Such sweet friends!

This was Eli's favorite part- being inside a bubble!

"Splash Day" at my parents' pool, which is FREEZING!  :)

Looooooove these boys and their bond!

And that, unbelievably, wraps up May!  We have a busy and fun June planned, and then July is reserved for just catching our breath!  :)  Happy summer!