Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maine, June 2014

The three of us headed up to Maine to spend a week with my grandparents.  We had a blast, as always, and we're so thankful for the time we got to spend together.  A few pictures...

All good vacations include ice cream at every available opportunity.  An ice cream break at the wild animal park:

Still at the wild animal park- that's a moose behind Eli!

In Boothbay Harbor, waiting for the boat to take us out to the Cabbage Island clam bake.  The amount of pictures of Eric and me together has been increasing now that Eli can work the phone camera.  :)

On the boat going out to the island.  You might see this again as our Christmas card photo.  :)

Lobstah!  Eric ate four.

Island picture-taking.

Boating back to land.

Eli's favorite thing to do at the beach is DIG.

I love watching him on the beach- he is so supremely happy there.

Love them!

Annual sit-on-the-fence-and-look-out-at-the-ocean picture.

Hiking around White Lake.  The hike began with Eli saying, "How loooooong will this take?  My leeeeeeegs are tired," and ended with, "I love hiking!  It's my favorite thing to do in the whole world!"  The scenery won him over, I guess.  :)

My grandparents and Eli on the beach at White Lake.

We hiked up Pleasant Mountain.  It was some steep climb!  But the view was INCREDIBLE!  Look at those mountains behind us!

Hiland Lake.

I like this picture- happiness!  

It was another perfect, unforgettable week in Maine!