Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Rest of Summer

Sorry it's been so long!  Here are some pictures to round out the summer before we head back to school!

My mom took Eli to pet bunnies at a local feed store.  He is in love with all animals, and only Eric's strong resolve against rabbits has prevented us from bringing one of these guys home.

Eli's first time down the "big slide" at the Aquatic Center.

Fourth of July!  

This one is dark, but I love it.  That's Timothy, Charlie, and Eli.

My grandparents came to visit in July.  I love that Eli gets to know both sets of his great-grandparents.  What a profound impact they have all had on our lives!

Eli comes to work with me sometimes.  He is very helpful, as you can see.  :)

As a belated birthday present to Eli, we went to a Rough Riders game with my dad.

I love seeing the things they come up with to entertain themselves in the back yard.  This is the red wagon hoisted up into the tree house by a rope.  Fortunately no one was standing underneath when they let go!

Precious cousins.  Heather and Jonathan and Jacey and Cooper moved to Kentucky a few weeks ago, so times when all the cousins were together this summer before the move were extra special.

Eric's stepmom and sister came to visit this month and treated Eli to a day filled with movies, going out to eat, toy shopping, and train riding at the mall.  Eli liked that day very much.  :)  Here he is on the train at the mall.

Last picture of the cousins together this summer.  :(

Last weekend we took a really long day trip down to New Braunfels with the Heinzes and my parents.  We spend the day at Landa Park pool (a giant spring-fed natural pool where we spent many a happy day when we were kids) and then headed to Gruene for dinner and a little shopping.  Eric and Eli:

Everyone minus me at the Gristmill- probably the restaurant with the all-time greatest Texan atmosphere in the entire state.

Cowboy Eli.

Dad and Mom.

I love this one, and I love how much they love each other.

The three boys.

My boy.

And that wraps up the rest of summer!  Monday is back to school!  Though it means we're entering back into a busy season, I think we're all ready for the routine that the school year provides.  Eli is super excited, too, so that helps a whole lot!  

Love to you all!