Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Rest of February!

I want to get caught up on February before March passes me by too!  Here are some pictures from the rest of last month...

The big deal for this month was SNOW!  We've had such a mild winter, but then we got hit with some cold, icy, snow-y weather, which, in Texas, is cause for major excitement/panic.  :)

Give Texas kids half an inch of ice/sleet, and they think it's a winter wonderland.  :)  I love this picture!

The first round of ice/snow was enough to shut everything down for two days, which meant lots of time playing games inside, and even some time spent sledding outside.

We Texans sled in giant plastic tubs.  :)

Pulling the sled back up the icy hill- not an easy task!

Round 2 of snow was actual SNOW, which was more fun for the kids, although they don't look too happy in this picture!

I made Timothy and Eli their first "snow ice cream," which they didn't like too much. I think they were expecting Blue Bell vanilla.  :)

This picture just makes me laugh- I would love it if it was Eli's profile, but instead it's the dog's.  But still- kind of a cool effect.

We had one of Eli's best school friends, Lauren, spend the day with us during their winter break.  I took them to the movies and out to lunch, and they just played together for the rest of the day.  I am so thankful for Eli's good school friends!

And that wraps up February!  May March be way warmer and sunnier!