Saturday, May 9, 2015


Today my sweet Eli turns seven years old.  I could seriously use all the cliche sayings in the mothering handbook about how fast time has flown, but I'll hold myself back.  I could also go on and on about what he means to me and to Eric and about how great we think he is, but I doubt anyone wants to read that except for me.  :)  I'll try instead to summarize Eli in just a short paragraph or two, as a tribute to him on his seventh birthday.

Eli is sweet and gentle, but also determined and tough.  He is a hard worker and faithful to do what he is asked.  He is funny and goofy and fun, but only to those around whom he is comfortable.  When he is with new people, he is shy and quiet.  He is coordinated and quick and loves to play sports and games, and he's a good sport about winning and losing both.  He loves animals and the outdoors, climbing and building and using his imagination.  He is dependable and careful and neat.  He is a fantastic reader, reading far beyond his grade level, even though he would much rather be outside playing.  He is super easy to get along with and goes with the flow easily.

He has a tender heart that loves Jesus, and he loves to talk about Heaven.  He asked Jesus to come live in his heart last November, by himself, in the quiet of his bed in a cabin in the woods, on a family camping trip.  We have seen such wisdom and integrity develop in Eli in the past months.  He is wise in choosing friends and activities and even conversations, removing himself when he knows something isn't right.  He quietly does the right thing, even when others do not.  His teacher tells us again and again that Eli is always helpful, and always a good friend.

I tell Eli every single day that I think he is the best boy in the whole entire world, and if I ever forget, he'll quietly ask me, "Do you think I'm the best boy?"  My heart overflows with love and like for this boy that has been given to me to shepherd.  It is my greatest joy to be his mom, and I hope that his birthday is filled with so many reminders of how loved he is.